Pikashow APK Download Latest Version September 2023 – Android

The Pikashow application is the best and one of the most popular sites for movie downloading and movie streaming. Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian movies, and other languages movies are found on the site. All the movies you can find easily on this site. Globally on this site, you can see every movie that has been released.

Pikashow Apk Download Latest Version 2023

App Name Pikashow Apk
Supported with Android version 6.0 and Above
Latest Version v83
App size 19 Mbps
Platform kinemasterapp.pro
Monthly searches 1 Million Above

Download v83

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Pikashow Apk v10 7.0 11.1 mb

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Almost an illegal site, a mod apk. But it has the torrent download option so it will be a little safe for you to use. You can download all the movies easily without any issues. All are free to download.

Many language movies are present on this site. You can download all those easily. It is available for PCs and Android devices. This site is so attractive because of its interface and also the user-friendly features and options.

Pika Show Apk

Pikashow Apk Download gives you the best features and movies you love to download and stream offline. Everyone can use this site. Downloading has been faster and also easier.

There are more channels and also many TV shows, web series, and movies to stream so it will be attractive to all the users.

This has been more famous and has been the best movie-downloading application. It has been the most downloaded application in the Play Store and has come in the top 10.

A huge category of topics and films to choose from. This is dealing with the type of popularity that it has achieved. So everything will be here for you. You can enjoy using the application without any issues.

Features of  Pikashow App Download 2023

There are so many features that you should know. All the features are top-class and also the best in this generation right now. Some of the features are mentioned here. You can go through those and get information about them.

  • A subscription option is provided for users who want to use the premium tools.
  • Free users can only have a period of 7 days of trial to use the application.
  • There are two main options. They are live streaming and another one is integration options.
  • Everyone has access to this without any issues.
  • Downloading movies or any videos is faster than ever.
  • Download issues do not occur.
  • Timely updates are provided and also provide better updates.
  • Download qualities are provided to download as per our choice.
  • The Pikashow application can be downloaded on any device without any restriction.



While streaming a video you can easily change the language of your own. This feature is extremely good. It supports Multi-language options.

Built-in Video Player

Built-in Video Player

This application includes a built-in video player. You will not have to download any kind of third-party apps to run the videos. Video players like mx player, mx mix, and so on.

Customizable Video Quality

Customizable Video Quality

This app supports various video quality to stream and also while downloading. You can choose between 144p, 240p, 360p, and many other video qualities. Based on your internet quality you can select the video quality and stream further.

One-Click Downloading

One Click Downloading

Downloading has been easier now. You can download the video in just one click. Pikashow has that kind of download manager built inside it.

Subtitles Supported

Subtitles Supported

You can watch the movies with your favorite subtitles. The option is provided in the application while streaming a video.

Chromecast Option


Screen casting will make everyone happy because you will be casting your screen into a larger screen so this option makes a huge impact on the users while using this application.

Movies Streaming

Movies Streaming

Movies are uploaded easily and promptly. All the latest released movies are uploaded very soon.

Every category of movies is seen in this application. Most of them you will see all languages movies or any kind of dubbed movies.

Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, South Indian movies, and many other languages movies are available to stream and download.

So many movie lovers are there nowadays so streaming movies in this application makes them happier than ever. So download and install this application to explore all the latest and old movies. So many people are already downloading and watching them offline.

  • Hollywood movie categories can be found as a huge distinguished section.
  • Bollywood movies which are Indian-related can be seen.
  • Telugu movies that are South Indian related are seen here.
  • More movies are updated daily.
  • Pollywood movies can be found easily.
  • Pollywood movies refer to Punjabi movies.
  • Sandalwood, Mollywood, and many other categories of industries are seen.
  • Many countries’ movies that are released separately like Arabian, Chinese, and French can also be seen here.

Still, there are more movies that you should research. Just get into the application and you will find all the movies there.

Live TV Channels

More than 500 live TV channels can be found in this application for India easily. Live TV channels are very much updated with the latest topics and news.

There will be no restrictions to research around all the TV channels that are present in This application. Local cables can get access to the TV channels.

  • STAR Plus
  • Sun TV
  • Colors
  • STAR Maa
  • Goldmines
  • Still More Channels Are Available in This Application.

Some of the TV channels are mentioned here and it is already mentioned that there are more than 500 channels available.

Live Programs List

A lot of live programs will be there for you to stream. You will be able to stream a lot of videos related to many categories. You will find those in the application when you use it. Categories like dramas, news, etc. drama videos will be available for you in the application. You will see more than one category normally.

Some of the category lists are given below. Go through those you will get to know about these categories. The latest news will be available for you. Business related and also fashion related. So many entertainment videos and series will be available for you. You will be seeing many videos related to one category.

Many programs which are stress busters are available for you. So many videos related to cartoons and also many other kids related also are available.

  • Dramas
  • History
  • Fashion
  • Related Entertainment Shows.
  • News
  • Business

If you do not want to miss these programs you should surely download the application and use it so that you will know about all these easily. All the topics give us a lot of relaxation. So to find that kind of peace within us you need to download and use the application to experience the various of categories videos and entertainment scenes.

Live Sports

Many sports channels are available for you in this application. Even the local cable operators provide 5 to 10 international sports channels. This application has more accessibility.

  • Cricket
  • Hockey
  • Bike Racing
  • Car Racing
  • WWE
  • Football

Many more channels are available for you usually. You will know about those when you use the application for yourself.

OTT Platforms

This application can provide access directly to many other platforms including NetflixAmazon PrimeUllu, and Voot. These are some of the platforms mentioned here.

  • Disney+ Hotstar
  • Voot
  • ALTBalaji
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video

Mentioned here are some of the applications that pikas-how has direct access to. These other platforms normally make a good impact on all users.

How to Pikashow APK Free Download?

Follow these steps to download the Pikashow application on your devices. Follow these steps if your country doesn’t support this version of the application on the official Play Store.

  • Enter into any of the browser applications.
  • And search for the pikashow keyword there.
  • You will find many results related to This application.
  • Out of those you should select any one of the sites to download the app.
  • Take a look at the versions you have and you will find the latest version to download.
  • Download the latest version and install it.

How to install Pikashow apk v10 7.0 11.1 MB on Android?

Installation steps are so easy. After downloading the application you will have to install it to use the application. Just follow the steps mentioned below so that it will be easy for you to install the app.

  • After downloading the application, go to the downloaded file and click on it to install.
  • Then you should go to settings and turn on the enable unknown sources option there.
  • After the installation is completed it automatically grants all the permissions to the application and then your application will be ready to use.

How to download the PikaShow app on smart TV?

Follow the steps which are mentioned below here. You will have an easy process before you Because following the steps here will make your process easy and let you download the application easily on your devices.

  • If any Android TV has the Play Store application inside it then you can search for the app there itself.
  • Or else you can open any browser on your TV and search for This app.
  • The keyword that you have searched will give you a lot of results.
  • Out of those you should select any one site and then download the application for your TV.
  • Select the version before downloading the app on your TV.
  • Download the latest version only to avoid various issues.
  • After all these, you will have the app on your TV open and use the app as usual. That’s it.

How to download and install the Pika Show app on iOS?

iOS devices now have access to download the application. It’s available in the App Store for the IOS users. Follow the steps mentioned below.

  • The App Store will have the application.
  • Go to the AppStore and search for the app.
  • The app will show up and then you click the download button.
  • Wait until the app downloads then you can go with the installation process.
  • Install the application by giving proper permissions to make an easy and simple download.

Downloading & Installation Configuration of PikaShow on Computers/Laptops

Follow the steps mentioned below to download and install the app on your PCs and laptops easily. All window-operated devices can follow the same steps.

  • Installing this on your PCs and laptops cannot be done directly.
  • You should use the Android emulator to do so.
  • Download the Bluestacks emulator from the official stores.
  • Let the application install on your device.
  • Find the downloaded application.
  • Sign up for the bluestacks emulator account if already signed up then no issues.
  • Open the application and search for the application.
  • You will get the app on your screen.
  • Click the download button to start downloading the app.
  • Then install and use the app normally.

PikaShow pros

The main advantages of this site are mentioned here. Reading this you will get to know what this site can do and what are all the capabilities of this mod Apk. Read this and then decide whether to download this application or not.

  • New movies are uploaded promptly.
  • All the web series related to any language will be available to stream on this site.
  • The features are so good that anyone can use them easily and firmly.
  • Firestick app supports this app to stream on it. Easy connection and without any issues.
  • In TVs, you can use this site easily without any problems. It will work the same as on your mobile devices.
  • Downloading video qualities and more are very good and very decent which is not a complaining thing.

PikaShow cons

Some of the main disadvantages of this site are mentioned here. Go through it to know about its cons or the drawbacks it has.

  • Normally ads will show up in front of your screen while browsing the site.
  • In some conditions, the site will not work properly or it will not open because of some server issues.
  • Contains less technical support.
  • More internet is consumed because of the slowness of the service this application provides.
  • And some other issues are mentioned by the users separately what they are facing. You can go through those on the official site of this pilashow mod apk.


1. Pikashow app safe or not?

Some websites are legal like this one. This is one of the legal sites and also contains all the legal content. So it is said that this is safe.

2. Is ask legal or illegal?

This is an illegal application. This is a mod one so contains all the pirate content.

3. Why will the app not open sometimes?

It will be because of some server issue or please try to be updated with the latest version and get it downloaded to use pilashow.

4. Is the app available for a Google Play store?

Some countries have access to this application and it is also available in the official Play Store app. And in some countries, these are mod apps that are developed by some third-party developers.

5. Is the app a virus-free application?

Yeah, we can say this is an antivirus application. Because there is not a single complaint regarding the virus or the malware issues from the users.

6. Can we use the Pikashow latest version download now?

Using it now is possible if you download or visit its site.


Watching all kinds of TV shows, series, and movies in one single frame is a good thing that you all expect from a developer. This pikashow Mod Apk application is one of the trending apps for movie streaming and downloading.

All the contents and also all the news will be updated regularly and without any delay. The newly released movies will all be uploaded to this site very soon. You can also save the movie that you want to stream or download later. Or save it to the watch later section.

Download this application and enjoy using the app for a better experience. You will surely enjoy every section of this site or the app. So install and enjoy the app.


The content residing inside the site is legal and also approved by various licensed developers. This application contains all the legal content and is also eligible to download every category of videos. The main intention of this site is to attract more and more people to this application to download and stream videos that are there on this site or the app. Every user will have access to this application. There are no proper regulations to use this app.